4 paid UAW staffers confronted at the polling table at UC Irvine

29 Nov

4 Paid and bias UAW Staffers were spotted on the Palo Verde (Graduate) Housing Bridge. Reports are that they were at the polling table and that one of them was “removed” and replaced by a less biased one.

Below, you may listen to the audio recording of the incident linked from the UC Rebel Radio Audio Archives. The louder voice at around 10:00 (and before) is the person operating the poll. He is a paid staffer, not a student. He talks at length to this graduate student about the contract, especially around 15:00, where he discusses what the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ would mean. He says things like “A ‘NO’ vote is not caring for childcare”. It is pretty fucked up.

UAW Polling Station Confrontation (UC Irvine – 11/29/10)

At 16:20 Coral (a Union polling member) tells him he is out of line.

Someone then text messages Fawn (UCI physics graduate, statewide elections committee person) to tell her this shit is fucking crazy. Someone tells Coral they want to put the recorder on the table. She then calls Fawn about this. Fawn shortly shows up to take over operating the poll.

(Update: video was not available after all, only audio recording).


5 Responses to “4 paid UAW staffers confronted at the polling table at UC Irvine”

  1. anonymous December 1, 2010 at 10:26 pm #

    In fact, all of the people helping out who also are campaigning for yes are either current or former graduate students. Some are from 2865 and the one or two are from our sister union at Cal State.

    So while they are indeed “paid staffers,” they are also students.

    • ucgradstrike December 2, 2010 at 9:15 am #

      And “former students” do not get affected one little bit by the new contract…. unlike the students advocating the NO vote.


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