UAW bureaucrats sell us out — THIS MEANS WAR!

22 Nov

(from those who use it):

These careerists can’t get enough, can they?

Those of us working in the opposition caucus Academic Workers for a Democratic Union (AWaDU) within UAW 2865 received two terrible pieces of news last night.  First, if you recall, we announced a statewide membership meeting on Nov. 30 intended to override the bargaining team and call for a strike.  AWaDU successfully organized well over the quorum and sent the list of participants to the executive board of the local, only to learn that — surprise, surprise — “yours is the second group of petitions we’ve received today that calls for a special statewide membership meeting.”  Given that we’ve never seen a statewide membership meeting during our multi-year stint at the UC, the chances that two would be called for the same day is laughable.  Moreover, the fact that these bureaucrats scraped together just under 400 signatures overnight from campuses that struggled to turn out more than 50 students on Oct. 7 is absolutely preposterous.  We demand to see the signatures!

Why would the e-board want to hold a statewide membership meeting of their own?  The idea is that if they hold it in LA — and that is currently their intention — then the Berkeley and Santa Cruz rank-and-file can’t make it.  Given that these are far and away the most active units, this is yet another indication of these professional politicians’ contempt for union democracy.

The e-board member who apparently organized the counter-meeting is Filiberto Nolasco, the so-called “Guide” of the local.  Members of AWaDU can be seen in the video clip below confronting him earlier today at the Regents’ meeting.  This stooge was there in a pinstripe suit to give interviews to network news stations.  He asked a group of rank-and-file caucus members who were questioning him, “Can we please stop?  This is a little uncomfortable.” “It’s not going to stop, it’s just starting!” they replied.  “You’ll look great when you have your rank-and-file shouting you down on the news.”  You can see this exchange for yourself in the video below, filmed by a rank-and-file UAW member this morning.  As promised, we shouted him down on the news.

If it were just the conference, we’d be angry, but not ready to declare a full-fledged war, but then, late last night, UAW members received word that these scumbags sold us out and agreed to the subinflation “raises” being offered by management.  This, despite organized opposition on the Berkeley and Santa Cruz campuses and systemwide opposition on display in this petition.  This, despite the fact that not a single representative from Berkeley or Santa Cruz would agree to sign the contract (which, by the way, has never happened before in the short history of our local).  The bargaining team came down from an initial 7 % raise offer to 5, and then to 4; management moved from 1 to 2 %.  This is compromise?  No, this is war.

So what now?  Do we give up?

Right. Our comrades in AWaDU don’t play, and we have faith that they’ll successfully organize a no vote campaign around this bullshit contract.  That means that if you are a grad student on any UC campus, you are entitled tovote no on this ridiculous wage cut.  The e-board is holding the ratification vote between Monday, Nov. 29 and Thursday, Dec. 2. When these bureaucrats tell the membership

We did it! We reached tentative agreement on a three-year contract with UC on which we are recommending a YES vote.

The hard work and active involvement of a supermajority of UAW Local 2865 members across the state in our contract campaign made it possible for us to not only stave off any concessions, but expand our rights and compensation in key areas

who do they think they’re kidding?  We “stave[d] off concessions”?  So wages are irrelevant now?  We should celebrate shitty child care subsidies instead of reallyshitty child care subsidies?

Vote NO! on a bullshit contract! 

We denounce these bureaucrats not because we are anti-union, but precisely the opposite: union power = rank-and-file power.  We denounce these idiots because we take union power seriously.  These desk jockeys who claim to mobilize in our name make careers by conceding to management.

The UAW bargaining team are collaborators with management!

UAW bureaucrats and UCOP bureaucrats: twin enemies!

Vote NO! on a bullshit contract!


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