All UC grads: Vote NO on a bullshit contract, 11/29-12/2

22 Nov

(from those who use it and AWaDU):

Great new post from our comrades in AWaDU, the opposition caucus in UAW 2865.  If you are a graduate student on any UC campus, you have no excuse not to be a member of the union; if you are a member of the union, you have no excuse not to read this piece.  This no vote is the single most important thing you can do as a union member this semester, short of actually striking.  As wewrote a couple of days ago, these careerist bureaucrats sold out rank-and-file members, agreeing to a contract with subinflation “raises,” amounting to a pay cut in real terms.  When confronted on the issue, Local 2865 President Christine Petit, a member (along with most of the rest of the bargaining team and e-board) of the reactionary “administration caucus,” told UC Irvine rank-and-file that members don’t care about raises, only child care.  When her interrogators pushed her, she couldn’t specify which members she was even talking about.  Of course she couldn’t. The e-board doesn’t talk to rank-and-file, and as we have demonstrated repeatedly on this blog, is actually out to quash their active organizing.  Our only weapon against these collaborators with management is our ability to mobilize for a no vote on this bullshit contract.

So again, read this piece from AWaDU.  Fuck the administration caucus, fuck the e-board, fuck everyone on the bargaining team who signed this contract, and above all, vote no between 11/29 and 12/2 on any UC campus!


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